An Accomplished and
Music Educator

Mark Bloom is a vibrant Twin Cities musician who presents and produces a variety of musical ventures. He delivers in-depth instructional programs and inspiring performances.

An Accomplished Service Leader

Mark Bloom is a performing artist in North Plymouth, MN who has also produced performances and recordings for other artists.

An Accomplished Service Leader

Mark Bloom is a performing artist in North Plymouth, MN who has also produced performances and recordings for other artists.

An Accomplished Musician and Inspirational Service Leader

Mark Bloom is a performing artist in North Plymouth, MN who has also produced performances and recordings for other artists.


Mark Bloom /Marquis Music/Tru2life Music

Inspirational Sounds, Innovative Style

Balancing evolved combinations of melody, harmony, and rhythm, Mark Bloom's arrangements transcend the musical ordinary. The tonal colors of his compositions create a musical backdrop to stories conveyed by lyrics that are part prose and part poetry.

"His musicians get the feeling he's consistently listening to them and thereby supporting their success" says Peter Johnson, noted percussionist who’s worked with Manhattan Transfer and Prairie Home Companion among others. "His clients get the same feeling. They know he'll treat them well."

From his dynamic concert performances to his creative programs and classroom workshops, Mark shares his spirituality, professionalism, and world-class musicianship with an engaging and innovative style all his own.


Cynthia and Mark


  • Music educator/song leader
  • Jazz pianist/vocalist
  • Stage and musical director/coordinator
  • Arranger/composer/sound designer
  • Studio musician/soundtrack producer
  • Sacred music composer/arranger
  • Cantorial soloist and choir director
  • NuMarq20 & Marquis (band & trio) leader
  • Keyboardist/vocalist for The Finn Band

It's a Musical Life

Mark Bloom graduated with a BFA in Theater Arts from the University of Minnesota, before getting what he calls his “real” experience. Since the he has become an accomplished pianist, arranger, bandleader, stage and musical director, producer, inspirational service leader, composer and performing artist.

Mark has produced hundreds of scores for stage & film. He performs solo and with his Marquis Trio at nightclubs and restaurants, along with his bands, Marquis and NuMarq20, as well as The Finn Band. Mark has composed, arranged, and accompanied many performers, from Cynthia “Funkytown” Johnson to numerous nationally known contemporary Jewish performers. Mark continues to serve sacred and secular communities across North America as musical scholar in residence.

Mark has produced performances and recordings for artists including the late Joan Rivers, Peter Himmelman, Second City and Israeli superstars Noa and Gil Dor. His original music and sound scores have been heard at many theaters including the Guthrie, Cricket, Illusion, and History Theatre.

Mark and his wife, Wendy live near Minneapolis, MN. They have two grown daughters, Allison and Jenna.

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Musical Programs

Jazz Shabbat*

A Shabbat service combining traditional sacred music with innovative and compelling jazz arrangements.

A prayer service respecting the sanctity of worship, while generating a spiritual energy through  rhythms and harmonies of jazz.

It has been produced at over 75 congregations across North America.

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Harmonic Convergence*

Harmonic Convergence Spiritual Soul-food service is a “gospel-styled” Shabbat service blending classic liturgy with creative contemporary and traditional material, enabling African and Jewish American cultures to spiritually express commonalities through a shared vision of cooperation, harmony, faith and mutual respect.

* - ‘Shabbat or not’ for traditional congregations where musical instruments and “secular” styles  are considered inappropriate for worship.

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Chai-light group3
Accentuate the Positive poster by Stu Fogel

The Chai-light Chorus is a performing chorale featuring 25 - 30 singers over the age of 60. We try not to take ourselves too seriously.
While we hold our own with other "senior" choruses, we savor the fun and warm relationships with fellow members.
The group is accompanied, directed and produced by Mark Bloom, who crafts 3 - 4 original shows annually.
Themes of these programs involve classic and modern composers, song parodies and music from around the world.

Chai-Light Chorus Facebook


HCXpression is a Twin Cities based vocal ensemble able to travel throughout North America at a reasonable cost. Group size is 3 - 5 African American professionals.

They deliver the "Harmonic Convergence Spiritual Soul-food" experience when the scope of the service isn't able to bring on the Grammy Award winning "Sounds of Blackness."

HCXpression will often conduct workshops at conference settings, houses of faith, schools and social justice events


The Jones & Bloom culture zoom

Culture Zoom is a ground-breaking partnership of Geoff Jones & Mark Bloom. It is a dynamic R&B/Jazz ensemble showcasing a diverse secular repertoire.

Vintage “Motown”& updated Classic Judaic material is combined with compelling original songs supporting harmony & respect amongst Black & Jewish North Americans.


That's Edutainment

Educational Fun

Performances, song leading sessions & workshops enlist great participation for students, preschool through high school.

Mark specializes in "interactivity", using humor & intelligence, to teach positive values & celebrate Jewish life.

Older elementary school students enjoy developing their instrumental and vocal skills, while confirmation-age students appreciate programs more in touch with a teenager's Jewish musical perspective. Mark leads each group towards a heartfelt appreciation of their ethnic and religious heritage with his infectious and energetic personality.

Adult Learning

Mark's unique insights bridging contemporary & traditional sensibilities applies to a wide range of sacred & secular Jewish music. From examining the music of Gershwin to probing the nature of God through modern and classic liturgy, the challenges of honoring the foundations of Jewish practice while moving forward is at the heart of Mark's creative musical & spiritual wheelhouse.


Engage Your Congregational Community With...

  • » Be-bop Tot Shabbat service
  • » Funky Punky Family Shabbat service
  • » Nefesh Nusach Morning Shabbat service
  • » Havdalightful Unplugged
  • » T'fila - Band Training & Clinic
  • » Gershwin -We All Win!
  • » Sunday & Shabbat School interactivity
  • » Prayformance to Prayticipation


Dear Mark,

I wanted to let you know how much everybody loved your band. Our guests just raved and raved! The out-of-towners were particularly impressed. I think we could have extended the dancing another hour and they would have kept going, though I know couldn't have!

We would be happy to serve as a reference for you. The simcha dancing went just as Jennifer and Jeremy wanted, and it was a pleasure to work with you.

Thanks again,

Linda Estrin

Dear Mark,

Your music and your talented group made Rachel and Peter’s wedding so wonderful! I just don’t know where to start. Thank you so much for all your efforts in making their evening unforgettable.


Barbara Ratner

Dear Mark,

We knew from the start that we were making the right choice for Michelle and Steve’s wedding when we hired Marquis. On Sunday evening, from start to finish, you kept proving us right over and over again!

The music was exceptional all evening, and of course – who could forget the best hora in the world! We thank you and all your talented musicians for making our evening so very special, and for allowing Jeff to have that wonderful moment, serenading his daughter on her wedding day – Tears of joy we will never ever forget.


Sandy Rudoy

Dear Mark,

We all wanted to thank you for the fantastic job you and your Marquis band did to help make Lisa and John’s wedding so special. The music for the ceremony was just lovely, and added a beautiful tone to the moment.

Everybody, and we mean everybody couldn’t stop raving about the fabulous music and the musicians who performed. They were unbelievable!

We knew from the beginning we were lucky to have you perform at our daughter’s wedding – and after having you there, we know we made the right choice!

Thanks and much appreciation for making Lisa and John’s wedding so special and festive.

Leslie and Jerry Feder

Dear Mark and the whole Marquis band,

A belated but heartfelt thank you for the
wonderful job you did at our wedding last

We finally got to hear you again on video, and it confirmed our original impression – you were terrific!

We especially appreciated the effort – beyond the call – that you put into “The Best is Yet to Come.” It’s one of the many moments that stand out in the memories of all who were there.

The music, from the ceremony to the last dance, enriched our wedding enormously. Thanks again!

Larry Braman and Cindy Levy

Dear Mark,

Adam and I wanted to take the time to thank you for playing at our wedding. The band was absolutely fantastic! We continue to here lots of wonderful feedback about the band.

The hora was just incredible!! Thank you for
continuing to play with the energy of the crowd!

If you ever need to use us as a reference, please feel free to give out our names!

Fondly, Melinda and Adam Prawer-Stock

Dear Mark,

Paul and I just wanted to let you know how
pleased we were with you and Marquis at our wedding. Through it all: ceremony, reception, dinner and party, you were absolutely terrific!

The variety of songs and the [acing was exactly what we wanted. The hora was a huge hit! We received so many positive comments about the music, and in many ways – we feel you “made” the evening.

You were just super to work with – thanks again!

Eden Bart (Beverage)

Dear Mark,

We would have taken an informal vote, but that was not necessary. The voluntary comments regarding the band were all rave reviews – and in fact, the opinion of the entire family!

You did a terrific job playing at the wedding
ceremony, reception and dinner dance. You
could probably tell my the response you received on the dance floor.

We were so pleased with your entire group and of course, your leadership. Thank you.

Sincerely, Barbara and Martin Finch

Dear Mark,

Thank you so much for making Al’s 80th birthday so memorable. Mark, your sensitivity and creative ability to weave some of the highlights of Al’s life into a truly remarkable treat, was one of the day’s
high points.

It was a pleasure working with you, and we look forward to hearing you perform at many other occasions.

Fondly, Phyllis Salsburg

Dr. Earl Hill


I enjoy my association with the The Chai-light Chorus is great deal, but we could use a bit more publicity. There should be greater recognition and news about the chorus in the greater community.

Being in the chorus the past six months has been of great value – artistic, intellectual and helping my discipline. It keeps me sharp, as I must listen carefully to Mark’s instruction – for assignments and performance dates, and of course his directions on how to get the most out of singing and performing. My significant growth depends on my ability to stick with this program. I really enjoy the 1 ½ hours we have on Wednesdays, and wish we could do it more often.

The socialization aspect is wonderful, and everyone is warm and friendly. Mark sets the perfect tone, pushing us when we need to be, but always keeping things at a comfortable level for the entire group. The greater community needs to praise this group for their efforts. I try to do that as much as I can.


What is the Chai-light Chorus to me? How can mere words begin to express how intensely music soothes the soul and nourishes the spirit of life in all of us?

Dear Mark,

The piano arpeggios soar, and the singers revel in the sheer delight of it all! Some may have amazing musical talent, while others may have only “chutzpah!” But everyone has fun! Through it all, Mark Bloom rehearses the singers with professionalism, spirit, humor and wit that encourage the musical best in everyone. Each singer loves being in the group, which has grown in number since its inception!

-Linda Kaner Ward


I am a member of The Chai-light Chorus, and it has been a great experience!

I love to sing, and haven’t the greatest voice in the world – but enjoy all the songs, our productions twice a year and most of all, the camaraderie of our many members.

I have become reacquainted with old friends, and have met many new friends. We are a caring group, and welcome new members at all times. Part of our experience is going to nursing homes, senior housing, etc. to share our love of music with the people living there. We are always so well received! This group has become an important and satisfying part of my life.

-Airline Bloom


Our singing group is not just a singing gathering. We are group of people of various backgrounds who love music. We have bonded together and we’ve become friends.

We enjoy singing to children, teens, adults, seniors, people in nursing homes, and at our public performances. And we know everyone enjoys hearing us too. You can see that by just looking at their faces while we perform.

None of us are professionals, and yet we show up every week for rehearsals. At each performance, we have several solos. The weekly Wednesday morning is devoted to group songs, so in order for us to perform at our best, we must meet with our director, Mark Bloom on other days to rehearse solo or small group numbers.

-Audrey Resig


A few years ago, I stopped in to see what the group was like. Afterward, on my way home, I found myself smiling and singing. I realized this was something I thoroughly enjoyed, and decided to try it .

Now I wouldn’t miss it unless it was an emergency situation or I was out of town. Not only is the singing fun, but the people in the group get along so well, that coming to the group is the highlight of my day, and I’m sure theirs too. I have made many new friends in the group.

Mark Bloom is the glue that holds it all together and makes it work. Not only is he a master in music, he treats us in a professional manner. We are doing things we never thought we could do any more. Everyone gets an opportunity to shine. Mark makes sure no one is left out and helps us all to do our very best. It makes us feel like we are not over the hill and are still stars.

-Charlotte Berke


During my youth, I sang at many social events in the community. I also participated in community theater. But in my later years, I didn’t have the opportunity to perform much until the past several years, when Mark Bloom has directed us seniors in The Chai-light Chorus.

Several of the participants have physical challenges, and some of them can’t sing very well, but everyone tries their best – we all feel better singing and our audiences just love it! They are mostly friends and family, but a few folks come just to hear us do our thing. We feel we make a contribution to the community, and doing something that gives us pleasure, while building self-confidence.

During the time I was ill and had to be in an assisted living facility, I would have appreciated a group like ours entertaining us. This is a fine program, and Mark has done a super job for us!

-Millie Weinberg


Many years ago I attended a performance. I turned to my wife and said when I have the time, I would join. Upon retiring I did join (lucky for me no auditions were needed!)

Since that time I have found Wednesday mornings enjoyable not only for the songs we sing, but for the members of the group we sing with. If you have the free time, join.

-Stan Maisel


In The Chai-light chorus, I’ve found a group of men and women who not only sing together purely for the joy of singing, but are amazingly good at it!

-Susan Seitel

John Doe


I have been involved with the Chai Light Chorus for the last five years. I have loved learning new songs as well as some of the familiar songs from "The American Song Book". Mark Bloom, as Director of the program, does an exceptional job leading 35 singers ranging in age from 65 to 95. As people age the "little gray cells" don't always work the way we would like. My motto has been "if you don't use it you loose it". This group helps me keep my "little gray cells" active while I sing songs that I love to sing. Mark helps us be the best singer we can be either in the chorus, small group or soloist. This one of my favorite groups to belong to not only for the singing, but the shared bond that each of us have to each other and the music.

-Barb Lebowitz

The Relationship of Music

On the Level: A word from Mark

Two-way communication is the only way I can work. My performances and works-for-hire necessitate establishing solid relationships. I simply can't mail it in or operate on auto-pilot.
Pride and confidence in my abilities to please audiences without resorting to bravado has been my life-long way.
I'm always approachable and open to new ideas, as I schedule face to face meetings with every client to help put them at ease, ensuring we're on the same page.
During lectures and presentations, I owe my attendees and students conceptual clarity balanced with humor, information and musical anecdotes.
Who doesn't appreciate a juggling act?

- Mark Bloom