Mark Bloom
Jazz Shabbat

Jazz Shabbat

This Shabbat service combines traditional liturgical music with innovative and compelling jazz arrangements. It is a prayer service that respects the sanctity of worship, while generating a spiritual energy through the rhythms and harmonies of jazz. Produced at over 75 congregations across North America.

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Harmonic Convergence

Jazz Shabbat

Harmonic Convergence Spiritual Soul-food service is a “gospel-styled” Shabbat service blending classic liturgy with creative contemporary and traditional material, enabling African and Jewish American cultures to spiritually express commonalities through a shared vision of cooperation, harmony, faith and mutual respect.

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Mark Bloom on Piano

That's Edutainment

Educational Fun for Kids

Performance programs, song leading sessions and workshops are an exciting way to enlist participation for students, preschool through high school. Mark specializes in performing interactive original material, using humor and intelligence, to teach positive values and celebrate Jewish life.

Older elementary school students enjoy developing their instrumental and vocal skills, while confirmation-age students appreciate programs more in touch with a teenager's Jewish musical perspective. Mark leads each group towards a heartfelt appreciation of their ethnic and religious heritage with his infectuous and energetic personality.

Adult Learning Sessions

Mark's unique insights bridging contemporary and traditional sensibilities applies to a wide range of sacred and secular Jewish music. From examining the music of Gershwin to probing the nature of God through modern and classic liturgy, the challenges of honoring the foundations of Jewish practice while moving forward is at the heart of Mark's creative musical and spiritual wheelhouse.

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