Mark Bloom
Jazz Shabbat

Jazz Shabbat

This original program combines traditional liturgical music with innovative and compelling jazz arrangements. It is a prayer service that respects the sanctity of worship, while generating a spiritual energy through the rhythms and harmonies of jazz.

Any congregation interested in producing Jazz Shabbat may choose to have Mark work in collaboration with the resident Cantor/Soloist and choir. Other options include contracting local professional and congregational jazz musicians to form a larger ensemble to accompany the service.

Jazz Shabbat is not a concert, lecture, or demonstration, rather an actual Shabbat service that invites congregational participation. The resulting synergy between the pulpit and congregation illustrates the dramatic relationship of Keva (fixed structured prayer) and Kavannah (devotional, interpretive prayer).

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Mark Bloom on Piano

That's Edutainment

Educational Fun for Kids

Concerts, song leading sessions and workshops are an exciting way to enlist participation for students, preschool through high school. Mark specializes in performing interactive original material, using humor and intelligence, to teach positive values and celebrate Jewish life.

Youth chorale workshops are always a hit with elementary age groups. Older students enjoy the opportunity to develop their instrumental and vocal skills, while confirmation classes often choose a performance or discussion program more in touch with a teenager's perspective on Jewish music.

From simple "sing-a-longs," to master classes on songwriting technique, Mark leads each group towards a heartfelt appreciation of their ethnic and religious heritage with his infectuous and energetic personality.

The Art of Kavannah

This workshop will inspire a dialogue designed to engage collective and personal spirituality.

Discover compelling relationships between Jewish secular and religious music that challenge us to honor tradition as we move in new directions. Investigate the notion of using jazz improvisation as a metaphor for prayer, noting the striking parallels between the art of davening and "scat singing."

You will examine the camp/folk movement of the 60s and consider what has brought it to an accepted "establishment" musical form today.

Havdallah and Beyond

The Nefesh Newsach service is ideal for Saturday morning or later in the day prior to sunset. Warm and prayticipatory, utilizing a combination of nigunim, original melodies and classic to contemporary settings, all innovatively arranged.

The later service flows right into Havdallah, followed by an intimate performance showcasing Mark's world-class musicianship and vocal prowess.