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Marquis Band & Trio


Mark Bloom*: keyboards, vocals
Bridget Dawkins*: vocals
Vanessa Dembo: vocals
Cindy Hermann: drums
Kenni Holmen: woodwinds
Steve Jennings*: drums
Dave Jensen*: trumpet
Kathy Jensen*: saxophone
Cynthia Johnson*: lead vocals
Dave Mendenhall*: bass, trumpet, flute
Dale Mendenhall: saxophone
Andy Morantz: guitar, vocals
Jenny Sanford: vocals
Kent Saunders*: guitar, bass, vocals
Bobby Schnitzer*: guitar, vocals
Trish Soulen*: lead vocals
Pete Whitman: woodwinds
   * - (Primary Musicians)


Mark Bloom: piano
Kathy Jensen: woodwinds
Bobby Schnitzer: guitar
Annalee Wolf: viola
Marquis Band
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Your Life, Your Event

Seasoned to Taste

Marquis provides exceptional dance and listening entertainment for those who demand the best in live music. Musical range includes current hits, contemporary and classic pop, pop ballads, 50's-90's rock, Motown, R&B, jazz, swing, big band, classic ballads, waltz, old tyme, dixieland, bossa nova, Latin, Jewish, and Israeli music.

Specializing in wedding receptions, private parties, conventions, and corporate events, Marquis adapts to fit your event. Choose from groups ranging in size from 3-8 players. Feature dynamic male and/or female vocals, or combine with a sensational horn and rhythm section.

Wedding Time

Whether you are looking for elegant jazz, classical, traditional religious ceremony music, or a combination, Marquis is a smart choice for your perfect wedding. Combining melodic piano, dramatic strings, and uplifting woodwinds, the trio is skilled at projecting your style to fill your ceremony with beauty and passion.

From your initial meeting through the day of your wedding, Mark Bloom will ease your wedding ceremony worries. He will help you choose music suited to your tastes, while appropriately tailoring the arrangements to compliment the style of the clergy or judge officiatings.

Marquis can accompany other musicians or perform solo, before, during, and after your ceremony. These skilled musical artists perform with exceptional sensitivity and attention to detail. Marquis' superior ability to handle unexpected change ensures smooth transitions between selections, providing for a flawless wedding.