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Diversity & Range

  • music educator/song leader
  • jazz pianist/vocalist
  • stage and musical director/coordinator
  • arranger/composer/sound designer
  • studio musician/soundtrack producer
  • liturgical music composer/arranger
  • cantorial soloist and choir director
  • leader: NuMarq17 & Marquis (band & trio)

Mark Bloom & Marquis Music

Inspirational Sounds, Innovative Style

Balancing evolved combinations of melody, harmony, and rhythm, Mark Bloom's arrangements transcend the musical ordinary. The tonal colors of his compositions create a musical backdrop to stories conveyed by lyrics that are part prose and part poetry.

"His musicians get the feeling he's consistently listening to them and thereby supporting their success" says recent Prairie Home Companion drummer Peter Johnson, former drummer for Manhattan Transfer. "His clients get the same feeling. They know he'll treat them well."

From his dynamic concert performances to his creative programs and classroom workshops, Mark shares his spirituality, professionalism, and world-class musicianship with an engaging and innovative style all his own.